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There are no sites with trailers and improvements for sale at this time.  If you would like to be contacted when site improvements and trailers come up for sale, please click the link and fill out the wait-list form.

How a Site Sale Works at Klub Kal

Klub Kal leases the site to a guest for the season and they can continue to renew as long at the site deposit is paid to hold the site for the next season.  Most of our guests have trailers, bunkhouses and decks placed on the leased sites.  When a lessee decides they would like to relinquish their annual lease, they often choose to sell the site improvements that are in place, rather than removing them.  The sale price of these site assets are completely up to the site lessee.  Klub Kal does not get involved in the sale of the site improvements.  The lease prices are set and can be found on the Leasing Info page.

Klub Kal is notified by the lessee that they would like to give up their lease and sell the site assets.  Although we do allow our campers to sell their site assets and transfer the lease, Klub kal must approve the sale and new lessee.  A sale cannot be completed without Klub Kal Management approval.

Klub Kal maintains a wait-list of people waiting to purchase site improvements and obtain a leased site at Klub Kal.  

When a sale of site improvements and lease comes up, Klub Kal will:

  1. Klub Kal Management will contact all current lease holders with first option to purchase the site improvements and take over lease.  If there are more that one current lessee who wishes to change to the site up for sale, it will go to the lessee who has been leasing at Klub Kal the longest.

  2. Klub Kal will then offer the site to the people on the wait-list, in order of application date and time.

  3. If the site is not leased to someone on the wait-list, Klub Kal management will then entertain interest from parties outside the wait-list.

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